Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If I were Juliet

Last night, Miss Fazlin (my BEL120 lecturer) asked us to write lyrics inspired by the song If I Were A Boy by Beyonce.
And idk how, out of nowhere i could come up with this:


If I were Juliet
I wish I could tell Romeo how much I love him
Before he drinks the poison
And leaves me forever

If I were Juliet
I wish I never knew Romeo
So that my heart will not be broken
Seeing him dying because of me

If I were Juliet
I wish I could lay my head on his chest
And feel his heart beating

If I were Juliet
I wish I could hold his hands
When they're still warm

If I were Juliet
I will always keep Romeo in my heart
Even though I have to close my eyes forever
Because I know he will remember me too

Miss Fazlin loved it! And my friends thought that this is awesome. :D
It was spontaneous and idk how i can be this jiwang. And Aisya thought that I wrote this for someone and she kept asking me hows Abang Romeo? Hows Abang Romeo? over and over again...

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