Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear freaks, I am still me.

I am a proud Malaysian and a pure Malay. Yeah maybe I do have chinese/japanese blood running through my veins and that is why I have those small, “sepet”, mono eyelid eyes. Okay whatever, let's not talk about that. Well usually, I speak malay at home and school everyday and undoubtedly I am very,very fluent in that language. When I communicate with my non-malay friends, I will use english as my first language nonetheless because they are more fluent in english(even though sometimes I just speak to them in malay because I'm lazy to construct sentences in english-i'm not very fluent in speaking english btw). Event hough i speak malay everyday, I enjoy writing in english especially when I'm writing poems, blogs and stuffs like that. And I dont think this will ever spoil the purity of malay in me. I can write extremely good pieces of writing in malay too anyway. And I think writing in english will never destroy your race dignity or turn you into English or American or Canadian or whatever. I am a malay and when I write in english I am still me, a malay. Writing in english doesnt mean I hate my own language. I speak the language(malay) everyday and now tell me why the fuck should i hate it? I've grown with it and I'm proud that I can speak malay . Unfortunately, I dont really understand why there are certain unidentified species;stupid, uncivilized motherfuckers who keep saying, “kalau dah melayu tu, cakap melayu jelah. Tak payah la nak berlagak tulis blog dalam english. Berangan nak jadi mat saleh”. Excuse me, motherfuckers, the reason why I write in english is absolutely not because I want to show off or because I hate to be a malay. I must admit that you can find a lot of grammatical errors in my writings so there's no point of showing off here. I've been learning english since I was in kindergarten and there's no point of learning when its wrong to practice. I'm sure you've heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”(well, you gotta put aside those practice-makes-perfect-but-nobody-is-perfect-so-why-practice stuffs here).If you think that people who write in english are trying to show off and you dont wanna be one of them, then you, pussy ass, dont learn english- AT ALL! I suggest you to write an objection letter to the government so as there are no english papers in any Malaysian public examinations and english should be banned in school and everywhere in this country. And please include in your letter about how you suffer to write in english, how your eardrums explode like hand grenades when you listen to every english conversation on TV and how you despise people who speaks english around you(even if it's your fucking mama who speaks it). Well I doubt you can do that,motherfuckers. Cos the government will surely feel annoyed and thinks you're such retards who are desperately trying to steal other people's attention. I don't know what else I can call you, stupid ass, but you are definitely the biggest freaks (pronounce it fuhhh-reeeks) ever! If you cant speak/write in english properly, then just shut your fucking mouth up. Do not call everyone else snobbish and do not ruin other people's reputations. Please change your stupid fucking perception towards people who practice english in their daily conversation or at least in their writings. We all have our own rights to speak/write in any language we want so dont be such a retard to criticize every single thing everyone else is doing. If you wanna write your blogs in malay, go on! Everyone is happy and no one will bother you because malay is our national language. I can write in malay too(well i do write some of my blogs in malay) and I bet I'm better at it than you are, stupid fag!. But just because you can't write in english well, you have to despise those people who can and telling them that they are losing their dignity and malay purity.