Monday, April 21, 2014

To every beautiful girl in this world....

To get a good man, you must be a good girl first.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Need My Passion Back

I miss those times where I did my work because I was soooo into it.
Put all my efforts and commitment to it and never felt like it was a burden.

I miss those moments where I enjoyed doing every single task given to me.

Even when my teammates didn't give a fuck about doing it, I did not care much.

I just kept doing my best and get things done because I wanted the result to be perfect. Even before I started doing it, I have already imagined what the outcome that it was going to be.

But now, everything seems so different.
I got things done just because it needs to be done.
Not because I really wanna see the outcome.
I got my job done because there's a deadline.
There is nothing more that I expect.
Choreographed and lack of passion.

Somebody told me, I just need to love what I'm doing now, no matter how much I hate it.
Tapi, cinta tak boleh dipaksa tau.
In this situation I am in now, I can't seem to love what I do.

I just wanna start doing what I love.

I want to bring back my passion.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

About Me?

Lol punyalah tua blog ni, baru nak buat about me kewwwww?? uhuhuk

My name is Farihin, which means “Joy” in Arabic. No I don’t have any Nur, Nor, Nurul or Siti in front (Can you imagine, Siti Farihin? T_T). It’s just Farihin. Even though my name is short and simple, most of my relatives and friends still prefer to call me by a shorter name, “Inn”. On the internet, I’m widely (widely lah sangatttt) known with the name Farihin Haushinka.

I was born on 4th of March 1991. I’m really bad at Maths because I thought I’m 17 this year but when I tried to subtract 1991 from 2014 using my calculator, the answer is 23. Ok jk.

I was raised by my grandparents because my parents divorced when I was 2. I’m an only child. But usually when I introduce myself in class, I’ll be like “I’m an only child but I have brothers and sisters”. It may sound complicated, but by that, I mean my half siblings.

I must say that living with my grandparents is quite challenging due to the big age gap. What I want to know is different from what they know. So, this situation has turned me into a very independent person. I’m a very curious person. I want to know as much as I can. So, everytime I want to know about something, I had to dig the answers from my books (cos Google wasn’t even an embryo at that time). I’m lucky to have my grandparents who always support me and always buy me books to feed my hunger for knowledge. Because they know, they can’t answer everything.

Even during my kindergarten years, my teacher at that time asked me to quit. Well literally, she talked to my grandmother that it’s better for me to quit. She said she couldn’t handle my questions and she thought that it’s better for me to learn by myself at home. (LOL!) She told my grandmother, I always said “Cikgu, tak boleh belajar benda lain ke? Asyik belajar benda yang sama je. Bosanlah.” How demanding I was. -.-

My primary school years bloomed. One of the best memories was entering National Arithmetic Mental Abacos Competition in PWTC. I was named as the 7th best in Malaysia for Level 1. As far as I could remember, I managed to answer almost 60 Maths questions correctly in 5 minutes. But the questions at that time level budak sekolah punya difficulty lah cos I was only 8 years old. Not like Econometrics where we have to include economic theories. -.-

I was a popular student in my school because of my good academic and non academic performance. Not because I was the hottest girl in the school of course. T_T In fact, I’m far out from being hot. When I was in Standard 4 and 5, my weight even reached 80kg++. I know, horrifying. I’ve got a lot of nicknames like Godzilla, Gorilla, Fatty Bum bum, you name it.

I’ve got to thank my grandparents again for sending me to swimming classes. It reaaallly did help me in losing some weight. When I was 12, my weight was 60kg++. Amazing huh?

Moving on to my secondary school years, I started my freshman year (nak American sangat) in one of the most reputable Science Schools in Malaysia. Believe it or not, I did not like it. At all. So I only stayed that for only....urrmm one month and a half? Yeah I quit. Then I continued my secondary years in SMK Ayer Keroh or widely known as AKSES. Those years in AKSES were a blast! I joined almost everything, debate, stage plays, karate do, badminton, shot put, clubs and societies you name it. 

But then, because of some internal problems, I moved to a new school in 2006. A school that is far out from being as cool as AKSES, far from being elite as AKSES. The buildings looked like the ones in horror movies. SMK Munshi Abdullah. Herkherkkk.

Ok stop kat sini, continue later. So lazy to write more. HEWHEW.