Monday, April 7, 2014

I Need My Passion Back

I miss those times where I did my work because I was soooo into it.
Put all my efforts and commitment to it and never felt like it was a burden.

I miss those moments where I enjoyed doing every single task given to me.

Even when my teammates didn't give a fuck about doing it, I did not care much.

I just kept doing my best and get things done because I wanted the result to be perfect. Even before I started doing it, I have already imagined what the outcome that it was going to be.

But now, everything seems so different.
I got things done just because it needs to be done.
Not because I really wanna see the outcome.
I got my job done because there's a deadline.
There is nothing more that I expect.
Choreographed and lack of passion.

Somebody told me, I just need to love what I'm doing now, no matter how much I hate it.
Tapi, cinta tak boleh dipaksa tau.
In this situation I am in now, I can't seem to love what I do.

I just wanna start doing what I love.

I want to bring back my passion.

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