Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the hardest path (the poem)

From the cold shower
I walked out
Sitting on the couch
And thinking bout the good moments i 've missed

As for now
I'm walking along
the hardest path
The street is empty
Noone is there
to lead the way
I'm walking alone
in the dark
Searching for bless
And the ones i've lost

Turning on the radio
Listening to Plain White T's
About the girl they miss
I'm missing someone too
I dont know when I can ever
realise the truth
My mom's here
But she's like nowhere
The cigarettes in my mouth
And noone seems to care

The tears on my face has not dried yet
I tried to forget the past
But there's still someone
Who's gonna recall it
The mistake is forgettable
But its getting miserable

I'm the one
who face the sequences
I'll be the one
The rains gonna fall on

This phase leads me to the hardest path
Life is beautiful
is just a myth
It wont let the tears on my face dry......

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